Safety first, Convenience later

Posted by Sanchita Dutta Published on September 09, 2016

Sneha, a 29 year old lady from Kolkata, is a proud homemaker and a mother to 2year old Ishaan. Rittwick, Sneha’s husband has a very hectic professional life and his job demands touring for 10 days in a month. Rittwick’s frequent touring, thus absence from home has increased Sneha’s proficiency in both indoor as well as outdoor work. Life is hectic for Sneha too, as she single handedly manages the toddler without any nanny or help, runs errands for the home and also takes care of her in laws and parents who live in the same city. Every trip to the closest mall for buying stuff takes at least half a day and she returns back home to an unattended child and incomplete work. With the paucity of time, Sneha has taken resort to Online shopping for grocery, garments, diapers and other daily needs for the toddler to save time, energy and money.


One fine quiet afternoon when the kid was deep asleep, Sneha decided to catch upon her best friend from school Tania, who was in town for a couple of days. In the meanwhile the doorbell rang, Sneha checked through the eye hole of the door to find a familiar face. Tamal who is employed with a leading logistics company had come to deliver some stuff that Sneha had ordered a few days back over an online shopping portal. Tamal, who has been catering to K.K.Chatterjee street area, for a long time now, was a friendly boy in his late twenties. Sneha was relieved to find the diapers and baby food for her child arrive on time. Sneha entered her bedroom to fetch her purse to pay off the Cash on Delivery charges for the goods that she had ordered.


To her utter surprise she returned back to the living room to see Tamal seated in the sofa checking on the murals with the door closed behind him. Even before Sneha could scream and gather the neighbours to her house, Tamal was trying to make an advance towards Sneha. In the meanwhile the doorbell rang, hearing which Tamal pounced on the money in Sneha’s hand and unlatched the door to run pushing Tania aside, who was at the door. Tania had come to meet Sneha for a while, her best pal from school. Sneha was traumatised for a while and hugged Tania and sobbed inconsolably. It was her dear friend Tania, who had saved Sneha from a major mishap in life. Sneha described the entire episode to Tania. Tania was awestruck at the incident and immediately suggested her to download the Pehechano App and upload all the available details of Tamal on the portal, so as to caution others hiring or interacting with Tamal in future and are aware of his instincts. Sneha immediately contacted the helpline of the logistics company and informed them about the incident. The company had co-operated in giving Tamal’s photo and ID card, so that Sneha could upload on the Pehechano site and help employers and customers equally before employing Tamal in future.

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