Swadhinta used Pehechano to play the role of a responsible citizen

Posted by Sidhant Published on August 24, 2016

Marriage in itself is an immense change in a woman’s life especially when she has to relocate completely to a new city. Moving from Jaipur to Mumbai after marriage and getting familiar with the climate and neighbour was never that easy for Swadhinta. After spending her entire childhood, doing graduation in Library science, and working as a librarian, Swadhinta had her roots in Jaipur. Post marriage, Swadhinta had shifted to Mumbai with her husband and decided to take up a job in HR. She joined the company Techno Pte, located at Nariman Point and got accommodation at Mystic Towers at Navi Mumbai. Commuting all the way from her residence to office was never that easy and it got difficult every passing day. In fact, reaching and moving back to home took more than two hours, and during peak office hours, at times the situation often got worse. Although, initially her husband Kapil used to drop Swadhinta near her office, but on a daily basis it was not possible as he had to frequently travel across India for client interactions.


One day, Roshan turned up at Swadhinta’s doorstep and said that the nearby grocery shop owner Karmakar had told about Swadhinta’s requirement of a taxi on a daily basis. The proposition from Roshan was like a God send solution for her daily commute problem and she immediately fixed up the cab service. All seemed really well for Swadhinta for next few weeks, but one day, one of her neighbour Sushmita told her about Roshan. Sushmita told Swadhinta about that the taxi driver who initially contacted her is not actually Roshan. The driver’s real name is Neeraj and has allegedly been involved in a few mischievous activities like passing the mobile number of female passengers to other people. Many times, he was seen taking pictures of female passengers or even following them and keeping a close watch on passengers’ daily activities outside their respective homes. Although, there had been a number of occasions when he was caught red-handed, but every time instead of taking any strict action against Neeraj, the local cops left him off, after just a warning. This was really shocking for Swadhinta.


She decided to keep a close watch on the activities of Roshan, alias Neeraj. For Swadhinta, it was a rude shock when she saw her picture as the wallpaper on the Neeraj’s mobile phone. The next day, it was nothing less than nightmare when she found Neeraj’s taxi following their car, when they were going out for the weekend. Finally she had a chat with the nearby grocery shop owner, Karmakar and asked about Neeraj , the taxi driver. Once again, to her surprise, she came to know that Subhash was not aware of Roshan or Neeraj,the taxi driver. Swadhinta realized the importance of checking the background of any cab driver. Later on during a private investigation and inquiries, it was found that Neeraj, was in fact a crook who had stolen the considerable amount of money from his previous customers and had a poor reputation even at his native place. Karmakar was surprised after hearing the episode from Swadhinta and asked her to submit the feedback on Pehechano. Karmakar knew about Pehechano app from one of his customer, Alam who hired his security guard only after verifying the past record of the guard. Karmakar encouraged Swadhinta to play the role of a good citizen and submit the details of Neeraj on Pehechano, so that if any other person who ever thought of hiring a cab service from Neeraj could get to view the feedback posted by Swadhinta. The entire process of submitting the feedback by using the Pehechano app proved a lot easier for Swadhinta, as in a few minutes she uploaded the address and copy of ID proof of Neeraj on the Pehechano app with her rating.