Reducing risks of Outsourced Hiring

Posted by B Mohan Kumar Published on August 14, 2016

Pehechano – An online platform to facilitate convergence of individual’s identity with a focus on safety for people utilizing their services.

Pehechano is NEITHER a background verification service NOR a job portal.

Then what is it?

It is a repository for biometric based individual identities with easy access to stakeholders, thus providing employment traceability.

When a delivery boy, service technician or a person who provides on-site services visits a household, especially where vulnerable people (elderly, women or children) reside, it is important that the residents are fully convinced about the identity of the individual(s) visiting them. There are numerous instances of heinous crimes committed by such contract employees on this helpless section of our community. There are also reports of misconducts carried out by escorts (school bus conductors, ayahs, domestic help, and security personnel) towards children thereby abusing the trust of their employers. Once an incident occurs, these people disappear and seek employment with a different identity at some other location, sometimes in the same city. The online platform enables sharing of identity and certain essential credentials between primary & secondary employers, and law enforcement agencies.

The following are the major stakeholders, covered under the platform:

  • Cab & School Bus Drivers
  • Security Personnel
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Courier Boys & Delivery Staff
  • Onsite Healthcare Givers
  • Sales personnel (Door to Door, Showroom, Retail Outlets)
  • Bill Collectors & Cashiers
  • Field Staff – Support & Service Technicians (AMC & Installation Technicians, Electricians, Plumbers, Delivery boys etc.)

The primary focus is on traceability of such employees in the event of disappearance following an incident. If there is a cause for suspicion, technology is embedded to trace and track movements. The platform also provides an alerting system for suspicious individuals.

The process enables primary employers or manpower supplying agencies providing security personnel and housekeeping staff to establishments, travel agencies offering charter services for cabs & buses, courier agencies employing personnel to pick up and deliver etc. to keep a tab on their employees and by reducing attrition. (Absconding cases are flagged)

The secondary employers to benefit from this platform are corporates, apartment/housing complexes, schools & colleges requisitioning services from the above primary employers.

The platform helps genuine and scrupulous employees to establish their credibility and be above suspicion.

“The whole concept will facilitate our society in its efforts to become crime free”