How Pehechano helped Anita

Posted by Baljeet Ahluwalia Published on August 24, 2016

Anita was looking for a maid cum nanny who could look after her two children. One day a maid just turned up at her doorstep and said that the society guard had told her about Anita’s requirement. She looked neat and clean and well dressed. Anita simply hired her. Things started going on smoothly in Anita’s household and her kids aged 1year and 3 years looked well fed and happy. Anita took a sigh of relief that she could now focus on her career and leave the household responsibilities to Kamla –the new maid. Even her neighborhood ladies were envious of Anita. However, one day Anita came to know from one of her neighbors that the maid Kamla took both the kids out with her during the afternoon every day. Anita asked Kamla about this, but she flatly denied the fact. Then, Anita decided to take matters in her own hands. One day she quietly hid herself within the society compound and followed Kamla as she came out of the society with the two kids. To her horror Anita found that Kamla was using the two kids to beg at the traffic signal close to the society.


It was then that Anita realized the importance of checking the background of the household help that we hire. Later on investigation it was found that Kamla in fact was a crook who had stolen considerable amount of money from her previous employer and had hence been fired. It was then that Anita’s boss suggested that she should report this on Pehechano. Anita found that this method of reporting your domestic help and other personnel on Pehechano was a great way to ensure that you did not end up hiring any personnel who had exhibited questionable behavior while working with any other employer. She also made it a point to check the identity of her new maid cum nanny on Pehechano and hired one only when there were absolutely no red flags regarding her conduct. What’s more, the process of Pehechano is quite user-friendly and simple as you simply need to upload the fingerprint, address and copy of ID proof on the Pehechano app. This will bring up the details of any employee who has been reported on Pehechano by another employer earlier. Anita is now assured that she has hired a nanny whose conduct in the past has been above reproach and hence she is at peace because her home and kids are in good hands.