What is Pehechano? ( pronounced – "Pehe-Chano" ; पेह्चानो in Hindi / Sanskrit means - Identify )

This is a platform to store & share identity of certain category of employees and contractors like :

  • Cab & School Bus drivers
  • Security Personnel
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Courier Boys & Delivery staff
  • Onsite Healthcare givers
  • Sales personnel ( Door to Door, Showroom, Retail outlets)
  • Bill Collectors & cashiers
  • Field Staff – support, technicians etc
working in various establishments. The platform ensures identity traceability and authentication thus providing a means to verify the track record of the individuals, providing the service. The very fact that there is identification and traceability of individuals acts as a deterrent for the above class of employees who may abscond and resurface after an incident.

iAccept Softwares has a suite of platforms catering to the Employer-Employee relationships which gets created, before an individual takes up employment or after leaving employment. These solutions are offered through the portals– www.iAccept.in & www.Thijori.com. As an Organization, we have a stringent, robust and safe information and data management web-portals certified for ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security & Management Systems).